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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is creating a unique situation for all of us in Wyoming. While many organizations with public events have already taken action with postponing or cancelling events, many grantees of the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund are facing the unusual circumstances of not only planning for postponements or cancellations, but also having to deal with rescheduling contractors, delayed shipments of materials, and having to adjust daily work routines to online telework. Wyoming's creative communities and individuals have great potential for thinking of unique solutions to handle these unprecedented times, but you may have questions and concerns regarding your Cultural Trust Fund grant supported activities.  The Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund understands.
Please visit the Wyoming Department of Health website and the Center for Disease Control website for information and updates about Coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as your local and state guidelines for holding mass gatherings. Organizers of such events are also encouraged to work directly with their local or county health officials. 
WCTF Office Update:
The Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund Program Coordinator, Renée Bovée, is currently still working in the office and is able to handle the day to day responsibilities of the WCTF. The Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources, in cooperation with the Governor's Office, the Department of Administration & Information, and others are working on telework procedures and if needed the WCTF Program Coordinator can implement telework without any loss of contact.You can reach Renée with any questions at 307-777-6312 or via email at renee.bovee@wyo.gov
April 1 WCTF Grant Deadline: Still Active
The April 1, 2020 postmark grant deadline is still in effective. As long as the US Postal Service is providing service, the deadline will stand. The WCTF Program Coordinator will work with applicants on any challenges facing submission of grants. 
Those applicants interested in dropping off grant applications at the WCTF Office, 2301 Central Avenue (the State Museum Building), Cheyenne, please be aware that you will need to call first and will be met at the door to accept grant application. Please call Renée at 307-777-6312 or email her at renee.bovee@wyo.gov to make an appointment for drop off.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impacts to Grants:
If you have WCTF grant supported programming or activities which is being impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19) precautions or disruptions, please contact Renée at 307-777-6312 or via email at renee.bovee@wyo.gov, to discuss options with your WCTF grant. She will work with you in handling postponements, cancellations, or other changes for planned programming/events/projects on a case-by-case basis. 







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