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Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

As a grant recipient of the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, you are required to credit our support for your project.

All published material, radio and TV announcements must include the following credit:

“Supported in part by a grant from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, a program of the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources.”


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or utilize the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund logo,
available for download below:




(This credit is required for ALL programs/events/activities including any internal support, such as staffing, board development, endowment campaigns, etc.)

For any construction, building rehabilitation or major equipment purchases installed within a building, the Grantee must erect and maintain a Project sign at the Project site. A Project sign is included for your use.

You may also design and construct a comprehensive sign to be displayed within a lobby or be designed to withstand weather exposure if located in an outdoor location.

At a minimum, a comprehensive sign must contain the WCTF logo or the following statement:

“The (define project) is being supported in part by the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund.”

(The cost of fabricating and erecting a comprehensive sign is an eligible cost for this grant.)

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